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Are Vampire Facials Hype Or The Real  Deal?

Are Vampire Facials Hype Or The Real Deal?

by Jada Ross 07 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Vampire Facials On Melanin-Rich Skin Tones

If you're looking to transform the look and feel of your skin, one procedure stands above the rest. The vampire facial is beloved for its transformative benefits, promoting expedited cell turnover and creating glowing, flawless skin. While there's no doubt vampire facials can work wonders, those of us with melanin-rich skin can feel weary of any treatment that involves needling. Let's take a closer look at what vampire facials are and how they affect melanin-rich skin.


What Is A Vampire Facial?

Our customers take pride in their skin, which is why they only choose proven treatments that provide benefits for melanin-rich skin. While it may sound scary, a vampire facial is simply micro-needling that introduces platelet-rich plasma or PRP to the skin. The process involves removing a small amount of blood from the arm, which is then placed in a centrifuge that separates the red blood cells from the platelets. The platelets are then reintroduced into the skin during the microneedling. This treatment is used to promote wound healing, improve skin texture and tone, encourage fine line reduction, lessen acne scars, reduce the appearance of skin damage from sun exposure, and diminish the signs of aging.


Is The Vampire Facial Safe For Melanin-Rich Skin?

It's no secret that melanin-rich skin tones are more susceptible to pigmentation issues, so many are weary of any form of microneedling treatment. The good news is that microneedling is safe for even the darkest skin, helping promote healthy cell turnover without causing dark spots or scarring. It increases the skin's elasticity while giving you a stunning natural glow that radiates from the inside out.


What To Expect After Your Vampire Facial

While the vampire facial can do wonders for your skin, it will take a few days to take effect. Immediately following your treatment, your face will be red due to the microneedling and platelet infusion. You may notice dryness and sensitivity as well, similar to a minor sunburn, but these symptoms will subside within a few days.


Who Can Get A Vampire Facial?

Virtually everyone is a candidate for a vampire facial and all the benefits it delivers. However, if you have a history of certain blood diseases, including bleeding or clotting disorders, you may not be able to participate.


How To Treat Your Skin Following Your Vampire Facial

Following your vampire facial, you'll want to stick to a facial routine customized to fit your skin's needs. At skin by Jada Ross, we offer the highest quality skincare products designed with melanin-rich skin in mind. Our targeted skincare lines contain potent, proven ingredients that penetrate deeply for noticeable results that last. Our lines include:



Acne Care


Dry Skin

Oily Skin

Sensitive Skin




Melanin-rich skin is stunning, so care for yours with the highest quality products proven to keep it looking and feeling great. Get the most out of your vampire facial with trusted products designed specifically for melanin-rich skin tones from Skin by Jada Ross.


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