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Take Our Skincare Quiz for a Personalized Analysis of Your Skin Needs

Take Our Skincare Quiz for a Personalized Analysis of Your Skin Needs

by Lauren McDonald 07 Jun 2024 0 Comments

You might know how to tell the barista to make your favorite Frappuccino at Starbucks. You may even be able to recognize your favorite perfume with a quick sniff. But are you able to look in the mirror and identify what type of skin you have? If you don’t really understand your skin type, then how can you expect to find the correct products that address your skincare concerns? Knowing your skin type enables you to understand what to do about your uneven skin complexion, dark spots and areas, post-acne scars, or damaged skin. Our comprehensive skincare quiz sets you on the correct path to even-toned, glowing, blemish-free skin by helping you categorize the type of skin you have. Before you can improve your skin, you need to identify your skin type, understand your skin issue, find the appropriate products to target your problem, and implement a consistent skincare routine that will help you achieve the attainable skin goals you set for yourself. We are here to help you learn more and reach your goal. Are you ready to begin your journey?

Finding your skin type

Knowing your skin type is just as important as having skin goals. Some products work better on dry skin, while other products work better on oily skin. A great starting point to understanding your skin type is to research how your skin looks and feels, take an online quiz, then consult with a skin advisor that can provide more insight and direct you to the appropriate skincare solution. In the meantime, we’ve saved you some time and compiled a quick guide to help you figure out your skin type:

End of day result

Skin type

Face feels oily and looks shiny

Oily skin

Shimmering T-zone, matte face

Combination skin

Minimal oil, redness, or flakiness

Normal skin

Flaky or tight skin

Dry skin

Itchy, inflamed, or red skin

Sensitive skin


Define your skin type

Before buying skin care products, our quiz will not only help identify your skin issue but also help define your skin goals. It’s important to understand what you’re looking for and what type of skin you desire. Each product has its own purpose and choosing the wrong product could be detrimental to your skin. Some effective questions to ask yourself when browsing for skin care are:

Asking yourself key questions and defining what you want your outcome to be is incremental in determining the most effective skin routine. While we’ve briefly walked you through an overview of understanding your skin type, it’s important for you to perform a thorough evaluation of your skin’s condition so you can make the best decision that will contribute to the health, wellness and look of your skin.

Take our online skincare quiz

There’s only so much information you can read, before you realize it’s time to take action. Take our skincare quiz now to find out which Skin by Jada Ross products would be best for your skin type. We can help you reach your skin goals. Let’s begin!

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