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Best Exfoliating Washcloth

by Jada Ross 16 Nov 2021 0 Comments
Over the past few years self-care has been a hot topic for women and men of all ages. While the subject ranges from mental, emotional and physical health, today we’d like to focus on the physical. Our physical well-being is important and this includes taking care of YOU. Your skin is naturally beautiful, but like all things, your skin needs to be nourished, nurtured and treated with care. But how exactly do you maintain healthy skin? Regular exfoliation with the Skin by Jada Ross exfoliating washcloth is the secret to getting the soft, smooth, silky, and healthy skin that you desire.


Why Should You Use an Exfoliating Washcloth?

Our multi-purpose exfoliating washcloth can be used as an anti-cellulite and exfoliating scrubbing cloth for the body. It exfoliates the surface of your skin and removes dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation with a good quality exfoliating cloth promotes smooth and revitalized skin. But wait, there’s more! 

There are several ways an exfoliating cloth can improve your skin. Some of the significant benefits of using an exfoliating wash cloth or towel include:

  • When used before shaving, an exfoliating washcloth can tease out ingrown hairs. 
  • Exfoliating washcloths help prevent body acne. It removes dead skin cells and unclogs your pores. It also helps deep-clean the skin and prevent breakouts.
  • If you use makeup frequently, an exfoliating washcloth, when used lightly, can be a really valuable part of your make-up removal process to ensure your face and pores are thoroughly clean.
  • Cleaning your body with an exfoliating wash cloth gently buffs away the dirt from the upper layer of the skin which in return allows your moisturizer or body lotion to absorb more easily.

If you’re looking for a gentle but effective exfoliating cloth, then you should definitely try our exfoliating wash cloth.  It’s a 2-in-1 scrubber & loofah which you can use for both cleaning and exfoliating your skin. In addition, this extra-long exfoliating cloth can serve as a scrubbing and cleansing towel to use in the tub and shower. Because of its length it makes it easier to clean hard to reach areas on your back.

When you use the Skin by Jada Ross Exfoliating Cloth, it thoroughly cleans the surface of your skin making it softer, smoother and more supple than ever before.  We recommend you to use it with our Brighten & Glow Body Wash to achieve the most optimal soft, even-toned and luminous skin. This hydrating brightening body cleanser also keeps your body moisturized and assists in helping you reach your skincare goals. 

So, are you ready to begin your journey to naturally radiant skin? If so, let’s start with building a strong foundation by purchasing our top-selling Exfoliating Wash Cloth. Be the best you can be by taking care of yourself and getting the healthy skin that you deserve.


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